Holland Animation Film Festival Presents Libertaria: The Virtual Opera

HAFF Holland Animation Film Festival Presents:

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera

Experimental virtual opera in Machinima, made entirely online. Epic post-apocalyptic science fiction. USA 2139, a nuclear war has ruined the environment and divided society. The Factory manufactures test-tube people. A girl named Libertaria has escaped and when she meets Simeon the time is ripe for rebellion.
Music 3 Thursday 20 Mar. 10:00 LHC4  

Friday 21 Mar. 17:30 LHC3  

The City of Utrecht presents Utrecht as the international City of Music 2014. HAFF joins in with an international theme programme of music and animation. Animation and music have proven to be a fruitful combination. Their inspirational interplay produces a wealth of musical films and cinematic music. The theme runs like a thread through different festival sections. Plus, several programmes have been compiled presenting some far corners of the theme: from abstract visual music to cartoons, and from big themes in dramatic genres like opera and tango to contemporary music videos. 

The term visual music is commonly used for abstract, rhythmical films that translate music into images or aim for a cinematic equivalent of music. This can even happen automatically. Conversely, images can be turned into sound by drawing on the soundtrack. The films experiment with a visual language that was inspired by musical elements like harmony and dissonance.The film programme of Norman McLaren’s classics also includes some films around this theme, and the world première of the installation with his work fits in nicely as well.  With big themes in music, obviously we immediately think of dramatic genres like tango and opera, where weighty existential issues are profusely addressed.
Sabrina Peña Young
Director/Composer Libertaria: The Virtual Opera

"One of my favorite things about this story is its odd apocalyptic tone and strong sci-fi/fantasy foundation. The dark quality that comes with it is the cherry on top." - FanboysAnonymous.com
It was a heroic effort, and the level of singing in the animated opera was very high...It sounds like a graphic novel, and it looks like one. As a story, it is very much in line with the good-vs.-evil sci-fi tradition, with the added bonus of a plucky female heroine...There are a good many percussion effects in the opera, and its tone is primarily quite dark and sinister, very much along the lines of a contemporary video game score." - Music Critic Greg Stepanich, The Palm Beach Arts Paper

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