Simple Sound Waves

English: wavelength in sine wave
English: wavelength in sine wave (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Simple Sine Graph with description
English: Simple Sine Graph with description (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: This shows several waveforms: sine wa...
English: This shows several waveforms: sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, and rising sawtooth wave. Français : Cette image montre plusieurs formes d'onde: sinus, carrées, triangle, et dents de scie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ever wonder what sounds are made of? These are the building blocks of sound. Check out these informational YouTube videos on sound synthesis, sound waves, and music technology.

Online Noise Generator

Basic Sound Waves

Sine wave to Square Wave

Additive Synthesis Visual only


Logic Studio's ES2 synthesizer has a Tutorial Library which has several basic settings that can be used for amazing original synth beats.

The EX24 has basic sound waves under: Synthesizers/Synth waveforms. There you will find both Analog and Digital waveforms that you can use in mixing.
Cutoff: Determines the frequencies that are allowed thru. For ex. Knob all the way to the right allows in all high frequencies.
Random: Increases randomness of pitch
Transpose: Transpose instrument
Tune: Affect tuning plus or minus
Glide: Pitch glides parameters
Fat: increases fatness of sound
Resonance: can help create sine wave, increases specific pitch set by cutoff
Drive: overdrive parameter

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