Music Industry Organizations to Join

Great American Music Hour
Great American Music Hour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Just like any other profession, musicians gain a lot through networking, participating in conferences, and having opportunities for performances outside their usual circle of colleagues.

The organizations below provide excellent opportunities through online and personal networking, conferences, concerts, festivals, music business help, and grants.

Like with any organization, it is best to be very involved with a few that really meet your professional music needs instead of being a member of two dozen organizations where no one knows you or your music. Once you choose an organization, take advantage of all of their membership opportunities, whether it is a free web listing, free web page, an opportunity to publish online, attend conferences, or apply for grants.

Music Organizations for Composers, Music Educators, and Electronic Music

American Music Center


Society of Electroacoustic Musicians in the United States
Society of Composers, Inc.
International ALliance for Women in Music

International Computer Music Association
The International Society for the Arts, Science and Technology

Grants and Opportunities

Kentucky Arts Council

Vox Novus

National Endowment for the Arts
NAMM list of grants for music educations
SPARK Festival
Reverb Nation
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