CD Baby, Scribd, Reverbnation and Your Music

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For those of you interested in promoting your own music (either scores or CD), I recommend checking out these links:

For a small fee you can set up CD distribution and a free web page for your latest creation. CD baby recently joined the crowd with music licensing, although it can be difficult to see your profits on synced tracks. Still, it's an opt-in. A word of warning, if you have a YouTube account with adsense, get ready for useless e-mails from YouTube warning you about infringing on copyright on your own songs. It's annoying, but easily cleared up.

Create a free Widget of your album for webpages and downloads. Reverbnation has great ways to create your own artist backs, license your music, reach fans, set up a Street Team, get gigs, and really can be a one-place stop to organize your music activities. I wouldn't count on Reverbnation for sales, but it's a great organizational and networking tool. Link up your social networking sites, and you have automated some serious buzz.

Self-Publish Scores
Set up a virtual store and self-publish scores, CDs, DVDs, and other media for free, or nearly free. I find this is a great way to get interest in my music out there, plus its great to share your scores with someone. Just send them the link to a free download or ebook of your scores. You can use any number of publishers: Lulu, Scribd, Amazon Kindle. If you want to open source your scores, you can send scores to the Petrucci Library or upload for free to (which allows for Creative Commons Licensing). 

The American Music Center
Become a member, and you can set up your own composer page with free downloads of scores and MP3's for those interested in your music.

And of course, you can set up a free blog on
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