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As I worked on my animated electronic opera Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, I ran across several very helpful websites for any musician or media artist that would like to create a large scale multimedia music project for a small budget.
Here's several helpful websites and media tools that you can use to create your next musical or media masterpiece! :)

The most useful site by far has been Bandcamp. Bandcamp allows me to easily upload all of the scores, instrumental tracks, and click tracks for my opera cast (who are scattered throughout the country). Each opera cast member for Libertaria downloads the album for free, complete with scores and click tracks. There is no limit to how many albums you can post, and you can give up to 200 albums for free. This is great if you need a one-site location for sharing electroacoustic scores, click tracks, and other media items in a single download

Bandcamp allows you to set your own price for albums and allows you to embed your music, like this: 

For easy animation, I have jumped on board Moviestorm. Moviestorm allows you to direct virtual characters in simple virtual sets. The software is free with affordable add-ons. There is also a dedicated Moviestorm community that is constantly developing wonderful freebies you can add to your media project. You can do some nifty things in Moviestorm. 

I made this test introduction to Libertaria: The Virtual Opera using Moviestorm:

Want to write a score and share it online? Noteflight is an easy interface that allows you to create simple scores online. Other musicians can comment on the scores and you can embed the scores on your website. The basic account is free, and the paid account has several useful tools. helps you create large scale projects like opera and films through crowdsourcing. Essentially you create a project page and then assign various tasks using the Wreckamovie platform. The recent project Opera by You was created entirely with crowdsourcing. allows you to upload documents and share them easily through social media and embed codes.

I hope that you find some of these great online tools helpful as you embark on your artistic journey! 

Share your favorite music tools below! :) 
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