Nov 9 Free Electronic Music Concert at Murray State University

Murray State University will be hosting the "Acousmatic Evening" as an informal lecture/recital in FAH Room 623 Tuesday November 9th. Admission is free. Concert starts at 3:30. Limited seating available. Sabrina Peña Young will be hosting the lecture/recital. This is an ideal event for classes interested in electronic music, music history, feminism, and women's studies. We invite you to come out.

"An Acousmatic Evening" will provide the audience a selection of curated electronic music including fixed media sound diffusion and video projection.

The International Alliance for Women in Music is a global network of women and men working to increase and enhance musical activities and opportunities and to promote all aspects of the music of women.

The program of six electroacoustic compositions has been selected from 22 entries from seven countries for the IAWM 2010 Annual Concert. The official performance of these works takes place in the Musée des moulages de l'Université de Lyon II inLyon, France, on Friday, Oct. 22, in conjunction with the Music Season of GRAME, National Center for Music Creation. The concert will include pieces by the following composers: Magdalena Dlugosz, Poland; Ida Helene Heidel, Norway; Judith Ring, Ireland; Carrie Leigh Page, USA; Bernard Marie-Hélène, France; and Veronika Krausas, Canada (video by Quintan Ana Wikswo, USA).

An identical program of these winning pieces will also played in Maryland, Massachusetts, Kentucky, California and Taiwan, in addition to Lyon and Montana, as part of a global celebration of electro-acoustic music created by women.

More information about IAWM can be accessed at


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