Intro to Baroque Era

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BAROQUE ERA 1600-1750

Following the Protestant Reformation and the Renaissance, Europe experienced a time of absolute monarchy and luxury abandon referred to as the Baroque Period. "Baroque" has been associated with overly ornamental and elaborate art. Artists and musicians found that they had new patrons in the middle class, as well as royalty. The new middle class was made up of merchants, professionals, and successful businessmen.

Monarchs like Louis the XIV attempted to impress through lavish parties and ridiculously large castles like Versailles. Absolute monarchs enjoyed throwing lavish celebrations, commissioning works like ballets, operas, and plays. They employed musicians like Bach to create these works. Architecture of the time was extravagant to a fault.

Baroque Art
The Art of the Baroque period experimented with contrast of colors and light, as well as imbuing art with seduction and sexuality, even in regards to religious subjects.

Bernini was influenced by opera when he created the Ecstasy of St. Theresa

Dutch Golden Age (master of light)

Rococo Art
Humorous video rendition of Rococo

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