Free Halloween Music Download

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Enjoy your special treat with a free Halloween music download called "Halloween Eve's Birthday Bash". It is available NOW at Easy Ear

I hope you enjoy this fun and utterly SPOOKY Halloween Track! Thanks for visiting the New Music Resource!

In case you haven't noticed, the New Music Resource now includes Music Appreciation course outlines, based on the Bonds, Stolba, and Kamien music history textbooks. These short outlines include large print text for visibility in classrooms, as well as excellent You Tube examples. Many of the You Tube links not only have excellent performances of classical works but also include more modern performances of works. And, of course, I always include links that involve technology. This series of Music Appreciation blogs will continue en force for the next two months. Then the New Music Resource will return to great blogs about contemporary music.

Feedback is always appreciated! How are you incorporating contemporary music and technology in your music history and music appreciation courses? Are there any links we should include here at the New Music resource for music appreciation or music history? Let us know!

And have a happy Halloween!

S. Young
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