Clef, Music Notation, and Rhythm exercise

Now for some music basics.

Treble clef
For higher pitched instruments
Bass Clef
Lower pitched instruments

Class Rhythm Exercise:

Divide up into groups of four. Each group needs to come up with a two minute musical work to perform in class. You may use standard music notation or a hybrid graphic notation and music notation style. You will have 20-30 minutes to write and practice your piece before you perform it in class. You can use any instrument, sound, or voice at your disposal. Perform the piece in front of the class. Turn in the music at the end of your performance with each group member's name on the paper to receive credit (worth 30 points).


(In Class Piano Demonstration)

Major Chords

Minor Chords

Seventh Chords

Major Seventh Chords

Whole Tone Scale

Minor Second

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