New Music Resource gets New Design

The Scenics 04-14-2008Image via WikipediaHello Everyone,

If you haven't noticed, the New Music Resource has a new look. You can still find the same great links to free software, grants, new artists, and experimental media. Just scroll down for some of your favorite links.

I am revamping the site to make it more friendly for Music Appreciation classes. How am I changing the New Music Resource?

  • Adding exciting new pages like "Must-See" Music, Living Composer performances, and several pages dedicated to earlier time periods (ex. Baroque music, 20th century music).
  • Posting more video material and more links
  • Redesigning the website
  • Posting blogs more frequently
  • Updating links
This semester I am teaching three online music history courses, one local music history course, and music synthesis. At the same time, I am writing for Easy Ear, Associate Content, and designing curriculum for several companies. I am pretty busy, but I hope that upcoming changes will make this site easier to use in the classroom.

Musically yours,
S. Young

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