Electronic Music Update

I recently began teaching Music Synthesis and Theory at Murray State University in Kentucky. MSU has a small synthesis lab and a general purpose music lab. Students are learning Logic Studio and Garageband to create original works.

I have begun the MSU Music Synthesis Blog for the class, which has some interesting links if you are interesting in audio engineering and music recording. You can also see the student blogs that were recently started by the Synth students.

Recent music articles include:

Music Promotion Tips
Follow these tips when promoting your music online.

Writing Articles to Promote Your Music
Musicians are often too busy creating music to write anything other than notes. However, good writing can help promote your music.

Promote Your Music for Free
Promote your music for free using these online sources.

5 Music Mistakes to Listen for in the Music Mix
Check out these five music mistakes to listen for when you are composing a music mix.


billyking said…
you cool cats bring yoiur gear and take center stage at BAbo 2009 in Barra de navidad Mexico FREE
kamal sabran said…
hey! you got a very fantastic blog!
i love experimental Music :)

keep it up!

kamal sabran

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