Music and Art Education Articles

I have been busy writing articles for Associated Content. Here are some useful articles about music and art education.

Fun Theater Improv Games for Kids
Dramatic play has always been an excellent way to encourage creativity in children and teens. Try some of these fun games at your next party, on a rainy afternoon, or in your classroom.
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How Music Helps Your Child's Development
Whether playing a musical instrument, singing in the church choir, or plucking out an original tune on a guitar, music helps children develop valuable skills that will help them succeed later in life.
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How Art Improves Your Child's Development
Art improves a child's development on several different levels, not least of which is the encouraging of creativity and problem-solving.
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Art and Kids: Making a Collage
Children love creating art. Using recyclables, magazines, knick-knacks, and glue, your child or class can create amazing collage projects.
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Kids and Art - Fun and Easy Watercolor Skills
Try some of these easy and fun watercolor skills in the classroom or home.
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Kids and Art - Teaching Elements of a Landscape
Simple ways to teach landscapes to children of any age in art class.
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