Raise the Nation
Raise The Nation celebrates independence through education by awarding grants and scholarships to single parent women and their children. The majority of single parent women work full time, while 45.5% work multiple jobs just to meet basic needs. Childcare costs are often 1/3 of a woman’s weekly pay and if she has two children the cost nearly doubles. In spite of these difficulties many single parent women return to school while working full time. The greatest hardship for these very determined women is finding the extra money for tuition, books, and childcare. In addition, student loan repayment is difficult, often amounting to the equivalent of a monthly new car or mortgage payment. Raise The Nation provides money directly to the Colleges, Universities and student loan providers for the purpose of helping these women complete and pay for their education. We also offer assistance for childcare, books and other basic needs. Scholarships are awarded twice a year and distribution of funds is directly related to our success in fundraising.
Also listed under Grants for Individuals--Undergraduates.
(Last checked 06/20/07)


S.R. said…
I am a single mother and in the final year of my phd, writing specifically about the access and ontology of women in relation to music technology. The great irony of course is that I am struggling financially, despite winning awards and getting my fees waived, there is a great deal of time and expense in raising children alone which must always be navigated in order to achieve the slightest thing. However, I am confident i will have finished within the year, but I would still like to raise awareness of this position in any way I can. please contact if you have any questions about my work, and let me know an email address to contact your group on, as there is a problem with the server trying to get onto your website. Its possibly my computer, but do let me know.



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