"In addition to our general fund, Open Meadows has six special funds that are targeted to specific groups and/or for specific activities. Each fund is described below. Please e-mail Open Meadows if you have questions about these funds.

The Jeanne Meurer Indigenous Women's Fund grants projects related to issues concerning indigenous women.
The Ellen Dougherty Activist Fund for Young Women grants to young women 19 and under who propose to develop and lead projects that are focused on activism and social change.

The Edie Windsor Fund for Old Lesbians supports projects developed by lesbians age 60 and older.

The India Fund supports projects in India developed and administered principally by women. The Fund focuses upon projects concerned with the rights of women, and their health, education, and economic development.

The PatsyLu Fund for Women's Music Projects considers women in music projects from women who are composers, music educators, musicologists, performers (or in performing groups). The mission of the Fund is to seek out women's music projects from women of ethnic, cultural, and racial diversity and especially the work of lesbians. Proposals should be accompanied by supporting materials, i.e. scores and/or recordings. Recordings solely for commercial distribution will not be considered.

The Susan F. Eastman Fund for Environmental Activism, seeks projects whose principle belief is in the right to a clean, healthy, and an environmentally sustainable future. The fund invites applications from organizations committed to environmental issues and who are making change through grassroots activism. We are looking for organizations that try to empower local women by organizing at the community level holding industry and government accountable for their actions against the environment.'

If you have questions, please see Application information for details on submitting proposals for these funds

E-mail Open Meadows at

Open Meadows Foundation
P.O. Box 150-607
Van Brunt Station
Brooklyn, NY 11215-607


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