Regional Deadline: Annual Recurring - The Lilla Jewel Award is an annual award to an Oregon woman artist. The McKenzie River Gathering Foundation recognizes that women artists have traditionally been underfunded. MRG particularly encourages artists to apply who have been further marginalized due to race, sexual orientation, or gender identity. While the Lilla Jewel Award is not based on financial need, the intent is to support a woman artist who lacks traditional access to funding. The award recipient is chosen by a panel of peers. All panelists are women with a background in the arts, and the majority are women of color and/or lesbian/bi/trans.

The award categories rotate, with one category cycle each year. A majority of the panelists have expertise in the specific category under consideration.

2005: Literary Arts & Music (two separate awards)
2006: Performing Arts
2007: Media Arts

Award Size:
The maximum award size is $4,000, which the panel will choose either to award to one artist or to divide into awards for more than one artist.

Panelists balance the following criteria to make their final selection of the award recipient(s):

The artistic impact of the work presented.

Whether the artist is a member of another traditionally underfunded group, such as being a woman of color or lesbian/bi/trans.
The ideas embodied in the work as represented in the written application.

How the work challenges the status quo, thus supporting MRG's mission of progressive social change.

The potential impact of the award on the artist at this point in her career.

Timeline Information:
For more information including deadlines or to receive an application, please email contact us.

MRG Foundation
2705 E. Burnside, Suite 210
Portland, Oregon 97214

General Inquiries and Donations
503-289-1517 phone
503-232-1731 fax


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