Working with Adobe Imageready

For my current video piece, I am using Adobe Imageready to edit each frame individually. The original material consists of video and animated imgery in Bryce (pretty user-friendly 3D animation software). Using the ACTION palette in Adobe Imageready, I can create effects used in Photoshop, but not common in video editing software such as Final Cut Pro.

Here is a clip, slightly morphed:

I used a combination of the Watercolor effect, the Plastic Wrap effect, and some changes in color and contrast to change something like this:

To something like this:

One frame at a time. The ACTIONS palette allows you to set up your effects and assign them to a single key, like F7. Then it is a matter of selecting each frame and clicking F7. I wish there was a way to apply these effects to the entire layer palette, but it seems to work only with styles (like shadows, embossing, etc.).

I am composing the tracks using live recording, my Malletkat, Garageband, Finale, and Apple's built-in voices. Should make for an interesting piece.


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