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New Music Release Electronica Uzun Havalar by Anadol

New Music Release Uzun Havalar by Anadol

Anadol's third album, Uzun Havalar, recorded on tape by Kinship Records, is now available online and cassette format. 

Recorded and mixed in 2015 the album is built around three long synth tracks referring to the improvised unmetric folk songs “uzun hava” in middle eastern music. 
You can hear drummers laughing and playing guitars, composers howling, screaming, record collectors playing synths, actors mumbling and tuning in to the geography of Anadol's synth compositions. 

Anadol is a traditional continuation of lone synth experimentalists like Bruce Haack and The Space Lady with their childlike curiosity for electronic sounds, pushing the boundaries of minimal equipment.

Composed, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Anadol at Tempelhof Studios 2015. Mastering by Martin Bartscher. 

  • Görünmez Hava 
  • Voice: Suphi Sökücü 
  • Additional Synthesizers: Emir Özer 
  • Trumpet: Aşkın Kırım 
  • 78 Yılının En Uzun Dakikası 
  • Guitar: Alican Tezer 
  • Voice: Alper Maral 

Ay Çürüdü 
Saxophone: Fehmican Gözüm, Suphi Sökücü 
Trumpet: Serkan Emre Çiftçi 
Voice: Lale Kardeş 
Bir Garip Kan İçme Töreni 
Voice: Gülce Özen Gürkan, Alican Tezer 

Ya Evde Korksan 
Harmonium: Ekin Sanaç 
Voice: Gülce Özen Gürkan, Metin Göksel, Şafak Acar 
Trumpet: Aşkın Kırım 
Violin: Dilek Acay 
Saxophone: Fehmican Gözüm 

Saxophone: Suphi Sökücü 
Voice: Şafak Acar 
Trumpet: Serkan Emre Çiftçi


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