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The Birth of Multimedia Composition - Essay

"History is the story of an angel being blown backwards into the future." - Laurie Anderson

Intermedia - the copulation of the art forms. Movement accompanies sound and the visual in an overstimulation of the senses. Once orchestrated with analogue tape, static images, and inexplicable actions, current intermedia art encompasses logorhythmic music, digital video, and virtual reality. As Dick Higgins described in his landmark, "Statement of Intermedia," in 1966, intermedia exists "between the media" (1) . Though often considered a visual art medium, the role of music and sound proves to be essential components of many artworks. Technology has accelerated creative expression as ideas, once existing only the in the mind, can exist in a tangible form. Music has embraced the digital world. Out of circuitry and imaginiation the next musical age evolves.

No survey of contemporary culture can begin without a comprehensive look at the history that gave birth …

ArtREACH Program for Homeless Children

I am an educator in Young at Art's ArtREACH program in South Florida.

"Homeless children are by most accounts among the fastest growing segments of the homeless population, accounting for 25 percent of the urban homeless population. Homelessness causes difficult social, emotional and physical barriers for children, sometimes leading to low self-esteem, emotional trauma, lack of self-confidence, depression, unhappiness, lack of personal hygiene, lack of sleep, and hunger. Young At Art Children’s Museum’s ArtREACH program helps to improve the lives of these children by establishing a safe, productive, creative environment that nurtures their artistic, emotional and educational growth."

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This month has been crazy as I am gearing up for the school year as the Coordinator of the ArtREACH program, an after school arts program for local homeless students. I will continue with my weekly updates once the school year begins to roll. ArtREACH is a collaboration between the Young at Art Children's Museum, the School Board of Broward County, and local area shelters.
Here is more information on the ArtREACH Program:

Article below from Young At Art's Spring/Summer 2004 newsletter, The Drawing Board

Museum’s ArtREACH Homeless Program Breaks Ground

"This program is a blessing. They come home so excited." That’s what Jenny Malcolm, mother of three daughters, recently told a Sun-Sentinel reporter. What makes the afterschool program she was describing uncommon is that the home to which her girls come at the end of the day is a transitional shelter for homeless families

"One of the most striking things for me was being remi…