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International Trumpet Guild announces a call for submissions of new compositions for trumpet

English: , Italian trumpeter and composer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Deadline: August 15, 2016 International Trumpet Guild announces a call for submissions of new compositions for trumpet
Please direct any questions, or submissions to:
The International Trumpet Guild announces a call for submissions of new compositions for trumpet to be performed at the “New Works Recital” at the 2017 International Trumpet Guild Conference in Hershey, PA.
Submissions must have been composed within five years of the submission deadline date of August 15, 2016, and should be unpremiered or have received only limited exposure.
Score and separate trumpet part should be provided in PDF format, and a recording of a performance or electronic simulation should be provided in mp3 format. 
File names should clearly identify the work as follows:
Works should be submitted electronically via Email to Large files should be submitted…

Start Improvising Today: 10 Mini-Challenges To Try from Easy Ear Training

Start Improvising Today: 10 Mini-Challenges To Try by  | 
Sit in on a jam session or jazz performance. The group seems to know how to play together with little more than a handful of chords jotted down on a lead sheet keeping them together. There is this type of rhythmic harmony, a knowledge of their instruments, being able to read each other’s slightest body movements and signals, that makes the experience enjoyable for listeners and performers. They accomplish this through improvisation. How can you master the art of improvisation? Like any musical skill, improvisation is not a magical gift. It takes practice and simply the art of doing. The more you improvise, the more confident and accurately you will play. The more confident and accurate, the better you will improvise. But I’m not going to tell you to just go to your piano and jam. Most folks wouldn’t e…

How to Transcribe Music like a Pro: Finding the Key from Easy Ear Training

How to Transcribe Music like a Pro: Finding the KeyREAD THE FULL ARTICLE AT EASY EAR TRAINING You hear your favorite tune on Pandora and want to jam along, but every note you play seems to be wrong, even if the melody somehow sounds right at the same time. What could be the problem? Chances are you are playing in the wrong key. When you transcribe a song, finding the key of the tune is the vital step to quickly figuring out the notes. Finding the key is always recommended, unless you only need the drum part: the only key we drummers use is when we are rocking out like a crazed monkey! Yeah, okay, enough of the bad jokes… READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT EASY EAR TRAINING: Related articlesHow To Increase Your Songwriting OutputSOMEDAY - Song for PalestineSinger-Songwriter Randy NewmanPRS for Music Foundation Announces Recipients of the Composer…

The New (Video) Music Industry: How YouTube is Redefining Breakout Artists

YouTube has become a go-to source for users looking for new music, and in turn, has made the video-sharing website a viable way for a new artist to get discovered. This Full Sail University panel discusses this trend and how YouTube will continue to make a legitimate name for themselves in the music business.

How To Write A Song - Top Ten Tips

Top tips for writing songs

What it Takes to be a Film/TV Composer - Youtube Video

WHAT YOU DO: A composer for film or television writes each part for the pieces of music that make up a film or TV show's score, creating music that communicates the settings, actions, and emotions of different scenes.

How to Write Music - What You'll Need to Know

This is part 1 in the series. Here's part 2: and part 3:

Since we've already covered the basics of music theory, I think it's time to start learning how to write music. We'll be using those basic concepts of chords, keys, inversions, etc to start weaving chords together, add melodies, rhythm, and all the subtle things that bridge the gap between theory and actual music. This video is just to go over what you'll need to know before we start so you can make sure you're ready.

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