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Digital Collaboration: Virtual Music Auditions in Music Xray

Image via CrunchBaseThe Digital Age has literally exploded the amount of talent that is available to the emerging artist. With a little bit of electronic savvy, you can collaborate with musicians, filmmakers, composers, actors, and visual artists from all over the globe. But screening talent virtually can get complicated. For Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, an animated opera produced entirely online, I used Music Xray to find talented opera and pop singers. 

What is Music Xray?
Music Xray is an online platform that is meant to connect artists to music companies and producers. Typically artists pay a small fee to get their work heard by a professional, although the music pro can waive the fee which leaves the artist only paying the Music Xray handling fee (about $4). The site itself has had some controversy for not properly vetting music producers and for taking advantage of musicians through music pros that aren't properly vetted. On the other hand many musicians have had some insigh…

Machinima Magic using Moviestorm, Final Cut, and Photoshop

For those who have been wondering about the hiatus here at the New Music Resource, wonder no more! The past six months I have been working on a sci-fi machinima musical Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. Created almost entirely in the machinima software platform Moviestorm and scored with a catchy combo of electronic music, film scores, and dramatic vocals, Libertaria has been an incredible collaborative project.

Moviestorm has been an excellent and inexpensive way to create an entire epic sci-fi tale for a minimal amount of resources. Almost three years ago I started using Moviestorm for a variety of video projects, and then decided to make an entire feature length musical using only machinima. The project proved challenging, involved a couple of dozen singers, animators, and other artistic professionals volunteering their talent and resources to create an incredible feature.

Watch a the lo-res version of the song Pilar of the Underground from Libertaria: The Virtual Opera:

What I enjoy ab…