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Cuban Artist Juan Sí González

Full Interview with Cuban Artist Juan Sí González

Juan Sí González: An American Patriot

With a gleaming grin, Juan Sí González carefully scans each person in line with a metal detector. His red, white, and blue sneakers, with matching tie and wristbands, betray his patriotic zeal. Despite his apparent thoroughness, this security officer ignores the arbitrary beeps of the machine, instead focusing intently on his next task. Quickly he shoves
a mirror before each unsuspecting would-be terrorist.

“Is this your face?” González maniacally demands. Satisfied with each bewildered response, and waving away identification cards flashed before him, he shuttles groups of fifteen through a gaping hole in a foreboding black box and shuts the door with finality. In a moment he reappears, cradling a giant talking hot dog.

Despite all appearances of a crazed Homeland Security officer, Juan Sí González has reasons behind his paranoid actions. A Cuban by birth and an American by naturalization, Gonzale…

Children's Piano Piece

This is the first draft of Movement I of Turtle Songs. I am writing the piece for beginner pianists with video. I had a lot of restrictions in creating the piece. The simplicity reflects these restrictions. It will be a three movement work. The next section will be for a solo pianist, the final will be for a trio.

Women in Multimedia and New Music bios, unedited

INSTRUCTIONS: Use your computers "FIND" feature to locate artist names in this document.

This is a short BIO list I made for my thesis "The Feminine Musique: Multimedia and Women Today" in 2005. It is a shortlist of bio info on composers and artists involved in interdisciplinary media work, with an emphasis on new music. References to specific web pages are given. The thesis can be checked out through interlibrary loan at Florida International University. I plan to post most of the information of my thesis online in time.

Rebecca Allen
Rebecca Allen (USA) is an internationally recognized media artist, inspired by the potential of advanced technology. Central to her work is the study of motion as a form of communication and creative expression. Allen has produced a number of commissioned works in Europe and the U.S. including computer animated films, interactive installations and large-scale multimedia performances. H…