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Writing a Multimedia Opera or Musical

Having just completed two major works for percussion and multimedia, I decided to take this extra time to begin working on an opera for multimedia. Being an avid bibliophile, and thus an avid Internet-file, I have compiled a list of articles that can help a composer begin the journey of creating an opera of the third millennium. (Okay, and a few not so helpful, but definitely interesting, looks at this great classical tradition.) Below are some tips on writing musicals and operas.  Tips Writing a new opera by Robert Hugill Writing an Opera a Composer's Challenge Composition Tips from Pete Thomas Something Out of Nothing: 21 Songwriting Tips by Ken Hill How to Write an Opera How to Write a Musical by John Kenrick A word in your ear (but not too many) Online database of libretti (public domain) Karadar Classical Musical Online Library of Libretti Description of Libretto Design and Implementation of a Multimedia Opera 6 Things every producer should know when working with a compose

In Search of a Contemporary Definition of Opera

Having recently completed two works for percussion ensemble, video, and tape, I am now embarking on the quest to create a contemporary opera. Several definitions of opera can be found: "Opera is a drama set to mus. to be sung with instr. acc. by singers usually in costume." - Classical Archive . "Opera is a story told through song." - Boston Lyric Opera "Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and instead of bleeding, sings." - Ed Gardner (funny music quotes) Traditionally, opera follows a libretto (text -a linear storyline), has extravagant costumes and scenery, and the music plays an integral part of the entire drama unfolding. The music can consist of arias, trios, duets, entire choruses, etc. Some famous traditional opera composers include Puccini, Bizet, Britten, Wagner, Verdi, Monteverdi...the list goes on (You can read more HERE .) George Gershwin's Porgy and Bess: However, with the advent of the late 20th century, the definition o

Free Computer Animation Software And Tips

Let's say you want to begin dabbling in computer animation, but do not have the dough to dish out for classes or programs like Maya, there are countless options available for little or no cash. Warning, though, computer animation is a vicious beast requiring some patience and a lot of taming. Even easier programs can lead to hours of frustration because of buggy-ness or computer error. You can check out a variety of free software options at HERE.  posted by animator Adrien-Luc Sanders . The image above, part of World Order #5 , a piece for percussion ensemble, video, and tape to scheduled for performance November 5th at KSU, was made in Bryce . Bryce is inexpensive and is excellent for creating landscapes and simplified objects. One of the benefits of Bryce is its compatibility with the DAZ Studio software. DAZ is free to download. It is a basic animation program with some control over your characters' movement, facial expressions, etc. You can opt to purchase obj