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Composing for Tape/Media and Live Musicians

Composing for Tape/Multimedia and Live Musicians

Composing for tape, media, and live performers is closely related to composing film music. Just like a live orchestra must have a score perfectly synced to what is happening in the film, a score for multimedia and live performers has to be perfectly timed and in sync for the performance to succeed.

This usually means:

1) Including Time Code in the score
2) Including audio and/or visual cues in the score
3) Many hours syncing up measures and notes with time code
4) For rehearsal (and possibly concert purposes), a practice CD or DVD with a click track for each performer and the conductor
5) Neat, legible, and professional quality music scores
6) As much communication as possible between composer and the ensemble during the creative process
7) It is up to the composer, not the ensemble, to make the entire composition understandable and performable by providing clear instructions, legible scores, and playable music.

A note here: There is often more …