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NMR Artist Spotlight: Music Producer Dee Kaph Creative Crossovers

Dee Kaph
Dee Kaph is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, poet and philosopher living in Kamloops, BC. 

Although his productions are generally “electronic”, he has recorded some 300 original songs under several different names ranging in style from progressive trance to dubstep, triphop, ambient, fast-fusion, drum & bass, atmospheric, classical/chamber, folk, industrial, pop, indie dance, house, breaks, and fusions all in between. 

After taking a hiatus for several years to focus on raising his children, Dee Kaph is again ready to share his unique vision of creative crossover.

NMR: Share your musical journey. What made you decide to create music?

DEE KAPH: Making music was never really a decision I made, not any more than a fish decides to swim. It’s something I have learned that I have to do or I really start to go nuts, it builds up and then manifests in unhealthy ways otherwise. I’m intensely creative in whatever medium I can get my hands on, and growing up my parents…