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The Silent Noise of John Cage - Essay

The Silent Noise of John Cage - Essay Excerpt

When John Cage asked Aragon, how one created history, he replied, "You have to invent it." Cage then set out to create his own musical history, that of experimentalism (Cage, Autobiographical 1). This movement included composers Morton Feldman, Pauline Oliveros, Christian Wolff, Earle Brown, and many others who, along with Cage, stretched the boundaries of music composition and broke away from the East Coast post serialists. Largely because of geographical location, rock music and Oriental thought influenced experimental music. They revolted against Occidental music, embracing the plurality and percussive nature of Eastern Music.

Cage believed that "IN THE UNITED STATES THERE ARE AS MANY WAYS OF WRITING AS THERE ARE COMPOSERS" (Cage, Silence 52). Cage did not study music in a formal institution and was unable to hear melodies in his head. For him, listening to a performance of his compositions and the actual composi…



1. Make your own home camera filters using a plastic sandwich bag filled with different liquids or gels.

2. By using non-revealing camera angles and different costumes and wigs, you can double or triple your cast for non-essential roles.

3. Never underestimate the power of a miniature set with good lighting.

4. Sound can make or break your film. If you can't afford good sound, dub it in later.

5. A cheap mic Pop Filter can be made with a circle of wire and pantyhose.

6. Use perspective to your advantage...can't afford a huge set...? Use camera placement to trick the eye.

7. Create those swirly filters in-camera by shooting through a clear container full of water (just watch for electrical cables).

8. Make a boiling planet by taking an overhead shot of scrambled eggs in a frying pan dyed with food coloring.

9. Hangers work great for prosthetics that don't need much mobility.

10. Buy blankets with different patterns (ex. waves or sand), as a cheap landscape f…