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Back to Bach: The Secret Truth Behind the End of Great Church Music?

Graduale Aboense, hymn book of Turku, Finland. 14th-15th century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The church used to be the home to phenomenal classical music like Bach's cantatas, Gregorian Chant, and Handel's oratorios. What happened? What changed church music from being great to being a set list of repetitive 7/11 songs? What have we lost? 

As a musician of over two decades, I have performed numerous Easter cantatas, Christmas programs, and music specials both as a professional and as a church patron. In 2008 I wrote a prize-winning sacred oratorio, Creation. Though I would hate to say it, I have to admit that the overall quality of the contemporary church musical repertoire seems low, with songs and cantatas riding the line between unimaginative and silly. I am not questioning their effectiveness in their overall purpose, but musically these works pale in comparison with the incredible masterpieces of Bach, Handel, or even contemporary composers John Rutter and Eric Whitacre.

A Fu…

Buffalo Composer Featured on NPR's Morning Edition for Sci-Fi Theme Music

Buffalo Composer Featured on NPR'sMorning Edition for Sci-Fi Theme Music


The Composer's Wacky Spacy Inspiration
I imagined what would happen if the entire Morning Edition Staff found themselves stranded on the planet Mars in a retro-1980s parallel universe, complete with cheesy bedazzled astronaut suits and neon lights, surrounded by Dalek-inspired cyborgs. I plucked out he main theme on the keys and added in some dissonance and bent pitches to fit the bizarre spacyness of the track playing in my head. I added in the requisite synthesizers, a slight beat, and droid-esque sound effects. To wrap it in a bow, I took the original theme, reverse it, added effects and ended the entire track with the first few notes of the theme, as if it was some sort of sonic portal to present emitting from the trapped Morning Edition Martian Staff. Maybe it's their only way to …

Sabrina Pena Young - MetaMorph I

Percussion Instruments 101: The Drum Set from Rock Band to a Real Band

English: Dixon double bass drum pedal Русский: Двойная педаль бас-барабана Dixon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The recent surge in drum set popularity can be slightly attributed to video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, which allow even music novices to perform like pro drum set players on their favorite music tunes. Before you make the transition from a video game drum set controller to a real drum set, you need to know what makes up a real drum set.

While your drum set will reflect your personal tastes, the type of music you plan to play, and your budget, each drum set shares a few common components. A standard drum set will have a snare drum, a bass drum, high hat, toms, cymbals, bass pedal, and all of the necessary hardware to keep your drum set together. Other things may be added to the drum set, like a cowbell, a drum set tambourine, extra toms, a heavy floor tom, extra cymbals, wind chimes, or even a gong. I even had one drum set where I substituted the snare drum with a djembe …

Youtube Music Video Inner City Urban - Tampa: Portrait of Urban Life

Musical journey through the inner city streets of Tampa
Much of my college life I was immersed in the inner city, living there, trying to make some small change in a world that was torn apart by poverty and crime yet still had amazing potential, so much life, in the children, in the untapped creativity and hope of the families making it day to day. I hope that this work helps you see the beauty in the cracked sidewalks and forgotten alleyways of the city, that hidden beauty in this brief Portrait of Urban Life.

Shown at Art Miami and other arts venues.

From award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young, director of Libertaria: The Virtual Opera Related articlesPrince's sister says musician had no known willPresident Obama releases statement on Prince's death, calls singer a 'creative icon'Entertainment › Musician Prince dies at his Minnesota home at 57Denver Film Society and Denver Arts & Venues Announce 2016 Film on the Rocks …

Experimental Film - World Order #2 - Sabrina Pena Young

Experimental indie film World Order #2 originally created for the Turkey Cinema for Peace. A mix of images with the cinematic soundtrack of Sabrina Pena Young. (2003). The short film was filmed in an afternoon at my parent's home, with most special effects in-camera (ex. the "world' is really scrambled eggs with blue food coloring). Shot through glass decorative bulbs from my parent's patio. Student work.

Screening History

DVD Compilation Release of Cinema for Peace 2003 Istanbul, Turkey, 2006

Cinema for Peace (Turkey), 2003

IEEE and Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) conference, 2003

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