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Palm Beach Chamber Music Festival Needs Your Help to Fund New Season

Palm Beach Chamber Music Festival Funds New Season at GOFUNDMEOriginally from the Palm Beach Chamber Music Festival GoFundMe page:

The Palm Beach Chamber Music Festival is an exceptional venue of classical music talent in the South Florida area. I recently received a letter from the PBCMF indicating that they needed supporter help to host next season. This is a cultural treasure that has an incredible group of talented musicians, a few of which I have worked with in the past. Please take a moment to GIVE to this great cultural institution and to SHARE this on Twitter and social media. I typically do not have fundraising posts on NMR, but I think this is truly a great opportunity to support the arts. Thank you for your dedication to the arts and for being an avid reader of the New Music Resource. - Sabrina Peña Young, Composer and Editor of the NMR.

ThePalm Beach Chamber Music Festival is one of the oldest cultural institutions in Palm Beach County, present…

New Digital Newspaper - Tech Times: Media, Music, Society by Sabrina Pena Young

Tech Times: Media, Music, Society 21st Century Headlines for the Digital Generation For the artist and tech nerd that wants to know the latest in technology, music, media, the arts, cybersecurity, futurism, science fiction, animation, film, and more, and so much more, I have created a new and exciting digital newspaper that covers the headlines in arts, media, and society.  Check it out below! :)

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New Album Release Luminescence: Works for Small and Large Orchestra

New Album Release Luminescence: Works for Small and Large OrchestraLUMINESCENCENavona Records, NV5969 (2014) LUMINESCENCE brings to light six works for small and large orchestra, showcasing the inspired directions and composers of contemporary orchestral musicWithin a Dance–a tone poem of love, for small orchestraEnhanced compilation disk with scoresOriginally from the New York Women Composers
Rain Worthington’s Within a Dance–a tone poem of lovereflects on a first invitation to dance and the continuation of the dance of love with a tenderness of touch and a lingering embraceHer music communicates its emotions and speaks to the senses.

David Kirtley
Robert Burrell
Rain Worthington
Raymond Bokhour
Daniel Burwasser
Marvin Schluger

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Film Director's Top 5 Tips for Science Fiction Film Music Production

From Budgeting to Licensing, What Every Pro Knows  Amateur or Professional Film Director, these insider tips will save you serious dough when putting together the music soundtrack for your science fiction film.CONTENT: Creating a science fiction film music score today involves more than simply taking your nearest theremin emulator and creating some whacked out sine waves or editing in Zowie's "Broken Machine". 

While writing science fiction film music might seem pretty simple,  a good film score always keeps the story and main characters in mind,  whether the music represents killer ants from outer space, Transformers, or zombie grandmothers from the planet Mars.
Follow these professional film music tips to get the most out of your science fiction film music score.

1. When is the science fiction film set?
Whether you direct the latest possible Hollywood blockbuster or a film school indie project, you need to keep location in mind when determining the music for your film sco…