NMR Artist Spotlight: Indie Artists Arcanum and a Musical Too!

NMR Artist Spotlight: Arcanum

Exclusive NMR Artist Interview with Arcanum!

Who is Arcanum?
We call ourselves Arcanum and our names are Brett Schieber (me) and Tree. Tree is the singer, though this song is an instrumental. Our music ranges from acoustic to electronic, but there's always a dramatic thread through all of it. 

What Inspires You?
We are inspired by our lives and we both love drama, so we like to tell stories through other perspectives, as well. In fact, we also wrote an audiobook musical that came out last year and, as a sidenote, I think it's my personal favorite artistic thing that I've ever done.

I think our music is different because of Tree's dramatic voice and artistic lyrics and because of the more unique chord choices and melodies we write.

What is Your Next Project?
We will put out a new CD, which will be an electronic/trip-hop album, very soon (maybe within the next 2 months?). We are completely independent - no manager, promoter, booking agent, etc & we hope to get our music (and our "Wonderworld: The Musical" story) "out there" as much as possible. We've always felt that our music lends itself well to licensing for film, etc, and it would be great to get our music placed. Just like any other artist, we just want to get heard.


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