COVER REVEAL: After the Apocalypse, coming November 17 by Josh Roseman

COVER REVEAL: After the Apocalypse, coming November 17

by Josh Roseman

My latest novel, After the Apocalypse, will be released November 17. That’s one month away, which means it’s time to show you the cover:

Click through to see it full-sized.
Many thanks to Sara Noto from notobella designs, who has done all but one of my covers since I started publishing. Good, isn’t it?
From the back cover:
Eleven years ago, a superhero named Alexandra saved the world from the Dark King, and then disappeared without a trace. The only person who knows what happened to her is Andrea Collins. Andrea is 29, overweight, lonely, and depressed, and more than anything else she wants to know why her powers went away… and what she can do to get them back. But once Andrea discovers the truth, she learns there’s a very good reason she had to lose her powers: because if she gets them back, the Dark King will return, and she’ll have to save the world again.
And that’s a trade Andrea is willing to make, no matter how much it costs her. Or the world.
The early reviews are already in, and they’re… glowing? Can we say glowing?
From H.B. Lyne, author of Seeds of Autumn:
Josh Roseman skillfully weaves dark humour with high stakes tension, with a generous serving of pop culture references, in this gripping twist on the superhero genre. What happens after she saves the world? You’re about to find out!
And from Sabrina Peña Young, author of Libertaria Chronicles and The White Lily Society:
Josh Roseman’s After the Apocalypse is a refreshing approach to the superhero genre, a Bridget Jones Diary meets Supergirl tale that immediately hooks the reader with its painfully honest portrayal of a young superhero years after she has saved the world.
The overweight and underachieving Andrea, once a great superhero, is now a verifiable cat lady obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her own ineptitude. Andrea’s personal journey is as engaging as her battles with the Princess Bride-quoting Dark King and his minions.
After the Apocalypse is an exciting ride that every graphic novel aficionado and sci-fi lover must have!
You want to read it now, right?
As soon as I have the preorder page up on Amazon, I’ll update this post and send out some notifications. But in the meantime… just look at that cover!


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