5 Instagram Tips for Musicians | ArtistHustle TV Episode 3

5 Instagram Tips for Musicians. Debbie-Ann Shaw shows you how to grow your following on Instagram and build your fan base.

#1. Use hashtags. For each post, use 8-10 relevant hashtags to get enough attention to your post. Make sure you engage with everyone who comments on your posts.
#2. Engage with fans and other music industry people by posting pictures and videos at events. Tag them and engage with them on Instagram.
#3. Make sure to include your Instagram on your blog and websites.
#4. Post a variety of content (behind the scenes, writing, funny, etc.)
#5. Stay consistent. The only way to win at Instagram and social media is staying consistent even when the "likes" or "comments" are not as high.

Bonus Tip #6. Post on Instagram at different times and days. Doing this technique will show you when is the best time your fans are online and where you have the best engagement on Instagram.


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