NMR EXCLUSIVE Interview with Deep House Goddess La Fraicheur

La Fraicheur

New Music Resource EXCLUSIVE Interview with Deep House Goddess La Fraicheur

For over a decade La Fraicheur hsa been brewing her own blend of Deep House & Techno beats sprinkled with tropical soulful Bass & Booty sounds when the mood strikes her. La Fraicheur is hosting two monthly radioshows "Berlin Calling" on Radio Campus France and "Mellow Fellos" on the Female:Pressure show on Frission, as well collaborating as Hystereo on Berlin Community Radio, Your Mom's on Reboot fm, and Venus Collective on CKUT in Montreal. La Fraicheur is currently working on her first EP to be released in 2015.

NMR: What are 3 words that describe your music?
Hm. It's hard to label it yourself. But I would hope : warm, luscious, deep

NMR: Share your major influences and overall style.
It's hard to pin point since, as a dj for the past decade, I've played and still play deep house - techno sets as well as afrobeat, disco, jazz, post rock, hip hop, electronica and soul sets. As a producer I'd say deep house? I don't know about influences, i think they are not necessarily conscious. Other people could say that about what I make. So iIm gonna cheat and give you two key figures I think are geniuses : Norman Whitfield & Do Make Say Think

NMR:  What are you working on now? 
I'm working on my forthcoming debut EP to be released this fall.

NMR:  What piece of advice would you give your younger you today?
I don't know. I feel like giving my past self an advice would feel like I regret some roads I've taken or decisions I made. and even though there is obviously some unfortunate events or encounters in my life that I wish didn't happen, I wouldn't be doing what I do today if they hadn't..So I guess, rather than an advice to make the following years better, I'd just tell myself "embrace the shit, it's part of the whole glorious rest".

NMR:  Who are two musical artists who you feel should receive our readers' attention and why?
Jon Dark. She's a great musician in lots of different styles. She had a band called Kool Thing (that felt like anything from darkwave to shoegaze to post pop to electro-synth) that's now called Evvol and changed sound but kept the same core feeling. She is also a deep house producer. and a badass sound engineer. She mixed and mastered my track Confusion. TT The Artist. a queer hip hop goddess with an incredible stage charisma.

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